Saturday, 7 November 2015

(Early) 1980’s Saucy Flavour Monster Munch packet /'Monster Facts & Figures’

My second favourite monster- blue monster graced the front of my second favourite flavour, saucy flavour! Just like the previous pink monster beef flavour packet this too has no sell by date or bar code placing it (roughly) at around the early 80’s but I know its older than the previous pack because the
‘Monster Facts & Figures’ located on the back of the beef pack was part of their‘ new series’ this one doesn’t say that ergo it’s one of the first runs… This ‘Monster Facts & Figures’ features the Gargon! We learn that ‘The Gargons were monstrous females with huge teeth and sharp claws. Legend has it that the most famous of them was called Medusa. Medusa had hissing snakes instead of hair. Her face was so horrible that no living thing could look at her without being turned to stone. If they’d had a bag or two of Monster Munch to concentrate on, no one would have ever considered looking at Medusa’.

Another interesting, educational curio from the past! Do you remember Monster Facts & Figures? Post a comment below and share your memories!

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