Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Monster Munch Munchers Club pack

One of my favourite items from my Monster Munch collection has to be a Monster Munch Munchers Club pack from 1987! Monster Munch would often promote this club on their packets and a devoted Monster Muncher that applied would receive this pack containing; A Monster Munch Munchers certificate, Monster Munch Muncher Membership Card, Monster Munch Munchers Pen, Monster Munch Munchers Badge, Monster Munch Munchers Magazine (newsletter), Monster Munch Board Game, Monster Munch Magic Slate, Two Fact Files (Geography themed facts about 1:Earth 2:Water) and Transfers! Inside the “file” it reads, ‘Welcome to the “Monster Munch Munchers!” All the Monsters are looking forward very much to you joining them in having lots of fun. There will be many exciting things for you to play with and do; such as games, competitions, stories, crosswords and much, much more. Not only that, you will be able to join the Monsters on their adventures in MonsterWorld, where they encounter many weird and wonderful things. We hope you’ll like this special “Magic File”. But make sure you look after it and keep it somewhere safe, as only “Monster Munch Munchers” are allowed to look inside. Open your “file” and you’ll discover your won special “Munchers” member ship card, badge, pen and certificate. But that’s not all! There is also a Monster’s board game, magazine, magic slate, two fact-files and a transfers set – made especially for you by the Monsters. Being a “Monster Muncher” is great fun. And you may even win a prize! During the forthcoming year, we’ll be sending you Two further magazines, which will both contain even more new and exciting things for you to do. Bye for now, have fun!’ Any child returning home from a long day at school would have undoubtedly been thrilled to discover one of these waiting for them as the artwork and wording on this pack is beautifully appealing. As you can see from these photographs.

The Monster Munch Munchers Magazine was just as well illustrated, with puzzles and stories and a mini poster to stick the transfers on! It encouraged members to write-in and share their pictures and jokes it even offered parents the opportunity to nominate their “Little Monster” for a ‘Monster Munch Merit Medal’ for good behaviour. The medal was awarded to 50 of the most deserving with the best 5 being invited to a special Monster party to meet the Monsters themselves! Good behaviour is a reoccurring theme in the club as Monster Munch Munchers are asked to try and keep the Monster promises

Keep My Monster Bedroom Tidy
Do a good Monster deed every day
Keep my Muncher teeth clean
Be careful crossing the road
Do my Monster Homework
Make my Monster bed every day
Be kind to other Monsters

As promised inside the file the magazines continued through the year with a final issue and on the back it reads,
This is the last Munchers magazine in the current series because the Monsters are going away on a great adventure. All the Monsters have enjoyed the magazine, especially all your jokes, puzzles and pictures. All you have to do now is enter all the competitions and remember to watch out for the Monsters and their favourite snack, Monster Munch – Ask your mum to use the money off voucher enclosed.

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Monster Munch Club Offer

Monster Munchers that sent away for their The Mighty Monster Bike Kit would find that their Monster Munch Bike Kit also included a newsletter and badge! The badge featured all the monsters on the front telling everyone to “Join the Club”.
The newsletter congratulated them on collecting all their empty packets (18) and offered the chance to join the Monster Munch Club with a 10% discount on the membership cost! The Members pack contained “A Wacky Monster Badge, and a Mega-Monster Board Game packed with loads of Monster games (including Super Power Draughts and Monster on Treasure Island Game) and mind boggling Puzzles.” All this could be obtained by returning the form with a cheque or postal order for £1.79 (normal price £1.99) and a 32p stamp! The offer closed on 31/3/1992…

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Monster Munch Spokey Dokeys Retail Pack

As part of Smith’s 1990 ‘The Mighty Monster Bike’ offer, retailers were offered the chance to “Either sell these Spokey Dokeys for 15p each by tearing off the right hand panel OR Run your own promotion and give a Spokey Dokey away with every two packs of Monster Munch.” As you can see this particular retailer decided to sell them for 15p each...

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Monster Munch Baseball Cap

Monster Munch baseball cap circa 1990

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Monster Munch Pencil Cases

Not official Smiths products but nice nevertheless... Monster Munch pencil cases by Helix circa 1991

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Monster Spooky Sound Keyring

Imported by Logistix for Kids there were 4 to collect Pink Monster, Blue Monster, Green Monster and Purple Witch. Each one plays its own unique “spooky sound” when the button is pressed.

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mighty Monster Bike Kit

In 1990 Monster Munch launched ‘The Mighty Monster Bike Kit’. This “sensational” kit promised to be “specially designed to give you maximum colour, noise and presence whilst on the streets. Designed for safety and fun!” The kit could be obtained by either sending in 18 empty special “bike kit” packs with a 28p postage stamp or 6 proofs of purchase with a cheque/ postal order for 99p and a 28p postage stamp. The kit included,

A Dazzling Monster Reflector “which slides onto your spokes and keeps cars at bay4 Day-Glo Monster Stickers “to stick on bicycle handlebars, mudguards or frame

10 Monster shaped Spokey Dokeys which “clip-on” to your spokes

Reflectors could also be found free inside special Multipacks!
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