Thursday, 24 September 2015

(Early) 1980’s Beef Flavoured Monster Munch packet /'Monster Facts & Figures’

Not only is this one of the oldest item in my Monster Munch collection but it is also the earliest memory I have of the brand itself. The ‘classic’ pink monster design on the front of the packet and absence of a sell by date and bar code confirms what I already know, that this is from the early 1980’s. I say confirmed because I fondly remember my mother picking me up after school and buying me Monster Munch and as I would eat “the biggest snacks that pennies could buy” I would read the ‘Monster Facts & Figures’ located on the back of packs. Here we find The Catoblepas! Apparently, “This is a wild beast with a very heavy head. In fact, it was so heavy it could hardly carry it, which was just as well for everyone around. Anyone who looked into its eyes fell dead on the spot. We do feel sorry for it in some ways though, it’s probably never seen a bag of Monster Munch.

Monster Munch seldom alerted consumers to the potential dangers of its monsters, making this an interesting curio from the past.
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