Sunday, 31 October 2010

Furry Monster Badges

In 1990 Monster Munchers were urged to not miss out on obtaining their crucial furry pet monsters that could glow in the dark! “Take them to school and sit them on your desk or wear them as a badge. Then watch their faces glow in the dark at night. They’re monstrous!” There were 4 to collect each one standing 2.5 inches tall with a furry pom pom body. Each one could be obtained by collecting 9 empty promotional packs (or 2 promotional packs along with a cheque or postal order for 95p)

28 days later your monster would arrive along with a warning note that read,“Warning! Ferocious Monsters!These furry friends don’t look it but they can be real terrors! (Especially if they havent had their Monster Munch for the day.)Please do not wear them on lightweight clothes, (eg T-Shirts), as they may rip them. They love it best on warm clothes like jumpers or coats. Please keep them away from children under the age of three.
Please note the promoters can not be held responsible for any damage caused by the monster badges.

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Monday, 19 July 2010

Whizzer and Chips October 27th 1984

Whizzer and Chips offered 750 readers the chance to win their very own furry green monster!
Contestants were asked to ‘Find which flavour Monster Munch is connected to which hand’ also enclosing 3 tokens saved from previous issues.

Winners were congratulated on the 23rd of February 1985,
What keen-eyed readers you are! In our recent Smiths Monster Munch competition just about every entrant worked out that hand A went to the Crispy Bacon Monster Munch pack; B to roast Beef, and C to Pickled Onion.
All correct entries were then judged on neatness with age considered. We regret there is not enough space to list the 750 winners but each has been sent a cute, furry, green, three-armed Monster!

Update: 16/2/2013 I usually don’t include images of items that I haven’t got in my own collection but in this case I simply had to make an exception and share this photo of an original Green Monster sent to me by competition winner Tim Younger! Tim was one of the 750 winners to receive Whizzer & Chips’ prize, “ I remember being amazed when I came home from school to find this massive box, almost as big as me, waiting in the hall.” This wonderful “cute, furry, green, three-armed Monster” stands 2 ft tall as he approaches 30 years of age he sits in Tim’s living room impressing all his visitors. My sincere thanks to Tim for taking the time to write and share his photos. Incidentally if you have a Green Monster you wish to re-home please drop me a line... 

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Jackpot Annual 1985

Jackpot's 1985 Annual featured an advertisement for Monster Munch on the back cover!

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Buster comic 1st August 1987

On the back of this issue of Buster from 1987,we find an advertisement for the Monster Munchers Club! The advert reads; ‘Right you ‘orrible little monsters. Who’s for joining the Monster Munchers? Just look at what you get. A Munchers membership card, pen, and badge. A bumper bagfull of games, transfers, and fact files. And three fun-packed Monster Munchers magazines, full of monster stories, competitions (with prizes), and games. And all for a miserly £2.99. and one empty Monster Munch packet. See the back of special packs for details.

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Monday, 12 July 2010

Packaging 1987 - 1989

What I find most endearing about these packets are the sections on the back inviting the consumer to make their own monster! Instructing us to,
Open the pack and clean the inside. Then cut out the parts and put them together to invent your own monster. Each flavour has a different set of monster parts. Look out for more monster parts in future. Just think, the more parts you collect the better the monsters you can make.’

For me this is both a sweet and clever design, it encourages the consumer to be creative and more importantly it encourage them to buy more! Brilliant.

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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Electronic Monster Munch Games

These two items were prizes given away to anyone who found the winning Fangtastic Bat Transfer!

Monster Maze Game, 1994

Green Monster's Wicked Witch Game, 1994

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Monster Munch Furry Monster Glove Puppets

Seems only right that these feature first… In 1986 Monster Munchers had the opportunity to have fun with the monsters in their own homes by owning their very own Furry Monster Glove Puppet! The set comprised of three puppets produced by Koea for Lefray Toys comprising of pink, blue and yellow. All handmade in “high quality furry fabric and comply with British and European Safety Standards for children over 3 years of age.” And that wasn’t all, each puppet came with its very own Monster Fun Book full of “Monster plays, games and puzzles”! To receive a puppet and book Monster Munchers simply had to collect 6 tokens from the packs and send them away along with a crossed cheque or Postal Order for £1.50 (to cover postage and VAT) The offer expired on 28th of February 1987.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Nostalgia is a strange, wondrous thing, a sound or smell somehow transport us back in time. For me growing up in the 1980’s the theme from ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ will instantly transport me back to a simpler time and I love it, I am not ashamed to admit this I am a nostalgia junkie! I wasn’t aware of how much so, until I discovered the internet, suddenly an internet search engine would not only provide me with the theme song to my favourite television shows growing up, it could also provide me with lyrics, information on the cast and even the merchandising.

Then ebay came along, providing the means to acquire items that I had either lost or broken, never had or knew existed I found the whole process fascinating. Like many that first sign up with ebay I bought several nick-nacks that I didn’t need until I finally settled on my ‘favourite searches’. As previously mentioned, sounds and smells can transport us in time, If I were to sum up my childhood with a smell it would have to be, beef flavoured Monster Munch. Monster Munch was always my favourite growing up, aside from the taste, the characters on the packets always fascinated me. My earliest memory of the product is reading a fact file on the back of a packet given to me by my mother when she picked me up from school, throughout my childhood the brand had always been there. The moment this memory was typed into the ebay search engine I embarked on a strange ‘hobby'. The first item I bought was a Blue Monster glove puppet, I had no idea it even existed yet there it was a figure from my childhood, a face seen on the packets, and countless adverts between the Children’s ITV programs in glove puppet form. I was both intrigued and frustrated to find that the Internet could help me obtain these items, yet it could not provide me with any information regarding it!

I am the first to admit that this is a strange collection, I have no memory of knowingly embarking on a mission to acquire all things Monster Munch related. I can only explain it by my interest in design and promotional material combined with 1980’s – 1990’s nostalgia... Clever designs and promotional gimmicks designed to make us part with our money long since curbed by regulations and lazy packaging design… Who knows? Perhaps if that puppet hadn't been listed that particular week I would instead be writing about my Honey Monster collection*? As I catalogue these items, All I can do is welcome you to my world its quite harmless in fact it may even stir up some nostalgia for you!

*Yes, I collect his merchandise as well!

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