Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mighty Monster Bike Kit

In 1990 Monster Munch launched ‘The Mighty Monster Bike Kit’. This “sensational” kit promised to be “specially designed to give you maximum colour, noise and presence whilst on the streets. Designed for safety and fun!” The kit could be obtained by either sending in 18 empty special “bike kit” packs with a 28p postage stamp or 6 proofs of purchase with a cheque/ postal order for 99p and a 28p postage stamp. The kit included,

A Dazzling Monster Reflector “which slides onto your spokes and keeps cars at bay4 Day-Glo Monster Stickers “to stick on bicycle handlebars, mudguards or frame

10 Monster shaped Spokey Dokeys which “clip-on” to your spokes

Reflectors could also be found free inside special Multipacks!
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