Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Monster Munch Munchers Mug

On the back of the same Monster Munchers Magazine, next to the Monster Bank Offer was the opportunity for Monster Munch Munchers to win a Monster Munch Munchers Mug! "Win your very own Monster Muncher Mug! Every Monster Muncher has his or her very own membership number. It is printed on the label of your Monster envelope. Can you find your number in this table? The winning numbers must run upwards, downwards, sideways, straight line, and not skip a number. If you can find your special number then circle around it, complete the form below, and send your entry to the Monsters at the address shown above.” The mug has a ‘Made in Taiwan’ sticker on the bottom and is decorated with the Monster Munch Munchers logo and Monsterworld design.

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