Thursday, 19 July 2012

Monster Munch Munchers Merit Medal

You will recall the Monster Munch Munchers club pack I mentioned in a previous post. The club sent out newsletters to members containing stories, puzzles and the opportunity for parents to reward good behaviour by nominating their “Little Monster” for a ‘Monster Munch Merit Medal’.
Are you a Monster- hero or heroine? We are giving away 50 monster-medals to the “Monster Munchers” who have performed great deeds to help others. There are many ways you can do this. What is important is that you have been a true Monster Muncher and gone out of your way to help someone else. As we all know, good little Monsters are always on the lookout to help others, especially those who can’t help themselves. All you have to do is ask your parent or guardian to write to the address shown on the back page explaining your Monster-deeds. We will read them all and select the fifty greatest Monster-deeds performed by our members.

In one issue they printed such a letter regarding one Steven Campell from North Humberside whose mother had nominated him for a medal.  Not only did he receive a medal he also joined another four lucky ‘Monster Munchers’ that were selected to go to Wikstead Park for the tea party with monsters promising them an “action packed day on all the exciting rides, amusements and, of course, lots of fun with the Monsters
With the newsletter promising 50 medals its safe to say that these medals are rare, so allow me to share with you one of the prized items from my collection, a genuine Monster Munch Munchers Merit Medal from 1987! The medal is just over 4inches long and stored in its original presentation case 

Additional: Over the past few months I have been contacted by several people who stumble upon this page and share their own memories of this brand. Its been wonderful, if you were in the Monster Munch Munchers club (or better yet one of the lucky 5 winners!) leave a comment or message me direct.

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  1. I got a monster munch medal which to this day I still cherish. Complete in its blue suede effect box. I think my mum nominated me. Stumbled across this site as I was trying to see if others had them and how many were made. Kind of cool that there were only 50