Monday, 19 July 2010

Whizzer and Chips October 27th 1984

Whizzer and Chips offered 750 readers the chance to win their very own furry green monster!
Contestants were asked to ‘Find which flavour Monster Munch is connected to which hand’ also enclosing 3 tokens saved from previous issues.

Winners were congratulated on the 23rd of February 1985,
What keen-eyed readers you are! In our recent Smiths Monster Munch competition just about every entrant worked out that hand A went to the Crispy Bacon Monster Munch pack; B to roast Beef, and C to Pickled Onion.
All correct entries were then judged on neatness with age considered. We regret there is not enough space to list the 750 winners but each has been sent a cute, furry, green, three-armed Monster!

Update: 16/2/2013 I usually don’t include images of items that I haven’t got in my own collection but in this case I simply had to make an exception and share this photo of an original Green Monster sent to me by competition winner Tim Younger! Tim was one of the 750 winners to receive Whizzer & Chips’ prize, “ I remember being amazed when I came home from school to find this massive box, almost as big as me, waiting in the hall.” This wonderful “cute, furry, green, three-armed Monster” stands 2 ft tall as he approaches 30 years of age he sits in Tim’s living room impressing all his visitors. My sincere thanks to Tim for taking the time to write and share his photos. Incidentally if you have a Green Monster you wish to re-home please drop me a line... 

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